Sophia Green Moss & Twig Bouquet
Sophia Green Moss & Twig Bouquet
Sophia Green Moss & Twig Bouquet

Sophia Green Moss & Twig Bouquet

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 These bouquets are meticulously made by artisans in Sri Lanka who gather up tea sticks and dried sorghum and tie it off with a pretty raffia bow. 

MUDROOM french styled arrangements are inspired from Mary Queen of Scots home in Edinburgh who spent formative years in France. They available in lavender and deep purple, these are top quality and boil-dried. So sweet...

Betsey's Discovery Story

The  Palace of Holyrood House, once the former home of Mary Queen Of Scots, is one of my favorite travel destinations. This ranking is not so much because of its interior room displays, but more so because of the surrounding walled gardens, open parkland and rolling hills.  Hollyrood House has been an area of outdoor sporting events for over 500 years. Mary Queen of Scots practiced her archery, hawking, and tennis skills in the walled garden.  

In the 17th century they created The Psychic Garden, as a place to teach botany, and filled it with many species of heather, native to the Scottish moorlands.

Today these spectacular miniature fields of heather,  in various rich shades of purple, can be seen as the inspiration behind Mudroom’s Holyrood House Topiaries and Posies. 

Mudroom’s “heather” arrangement are actually meticulously hand-made in Sri Lanka. Female artisans  boil, crush and freeze dry sorghum seeds to make each individual bundles. Next, they gather the base in French Toile Paper and tie it off with a raffia bow.  

Just as the heather species enchanted the Palace, these dried florals will bring beautiful hues of fresh color into your Mudroom... and an ode to peaceful winds blowing across the wide open Scottish moorlands. 


Size: 5.5 x 5.5 x 7"H

14.00 each. Minimum 2.

9" x 9" at top  x 12" High

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