Boat House Deer - Special - $29.00! Buy 2 -$45.00!
Boat House Deer - Special - $29.00! Buy 2 -$45.00!

Boat House Deer - Special - $29.00! Buy 2 -$45.00!

Regular price $45.00 Sale price $29.00

Perfect for fun in your Mudroom. Sling your hat on this guy.

Size: 12" x 6" Face

Betsey's Discovery Story:

We live in a forest that is owned by at least 24 deer. Our observation home has floor to ceiling glass windows from which we watch the deer perform on their stage among the 300 year old Oaks and Shagbark Hickory trees. We especially love watching a few families taking shape, including a new set of twins without a visible mom. Their spots are spectacular forming perfect lines of dotted stripes going down their back. They have little fear of us and coming upon them in super-close proximity has been a big treat while working in the woods. 

On a trip to Morocco, I spotted a deer head made from water reeds on an artisan's wall. I loved his face. I asked if he could make 200 of these lively deer faces.  Sure enough, six months later we received 210 deer head each with a different face and personality.

I that hope you, like us, can imagine an artificial deer on your wall. These guys make you smile as you feel their natural affection.  

Craftsmanship: The artisan has designed more than 200 hand-made different ways that a deer can express ...well... deer stuff. 

What ‘s on your deer hook?